giovedì, ottobre 29, 2009


La sfida di questo mese era di creare dei Macaroons, dolcetti tipici francesi. La ricetta proposta da Ami S. era dannatamente difficile per me... ed infatti è stato un totale disastro.

My first attempt has been a complete Failure. My entry Daring Bakers Challenge has been hosted by Ami S. and was to create Macaroons. Delicious but yet damned tricky. In fact I'm going to introduce my Macaroon Monster.

Since I didn't found any almond flour I have made my nut flour ( maybe this was the first mistake). I have added Matcha to give them colour and flavour.

Then I just piped it onto the baking sheet and cooked. They started good but after a while I understand that something wasn't going right.
I let them cool and then filled them with Dark Chocolate Ganache.
This is the Result. Sigh

I didn't have the time to try it again. But I'm sure that the next contest results will be better. I hope! :-)
Go and see on Daring Bakers the other results ( much better than mine!)


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